Graduate Courses

Spring 2018

  • Black Surrealism (graduate). English. Mathes, C.
  • Caribbean Literature (graduate). English. Edmondson, B.

Spring 2017

  • Anthropology 518: Power, Race, State, Nation (graduate seminar), Bonilla, Y.
  • Africa in Literature and Film (graduate). English and AAAS. Edmondson, B.
  • Comparative Literature: Literature and Social Order, Maldonado-Torres, N.

Fall 2016

  • Gender Borders/Changing Boundaries: Queer Brown Devotions (Graduate). Women’s and Gender Studies. Decena, C.

Spring 2016

  • Vernacular Literature. English and American Studies. Rutgers—Newark. Edmondson, B. (graduate seminar)
  • Caribbean Literature: Caribbean Narratives and the Poetics of [Post]national Identity. French, Larrier, R. graduate seminar.
  • “Archipelagoes,” Center for Cultural Analysis Seminar, Martínez-San Miguel, Y. & Stephens, M. (graduate and faculty seminar)
  • Race and Psychoanalysis: Affects of Difference. English. Stephens, M. (graduate)

Fall 2015

  • Comparative Colonialities, Comparative Literature, Martínez-San Miguel, Y. (graduate seminar)
  • “Archipelagoes,” Center for Cultural Analysis Seminar, Martínez-San Miguel, Y. & Stephens, M. (graduate and faculty seminar)

Fall 2014

  • Caribbean Aesthetics. English.  Mathes, C.
  • Fanon, Foucault, and Said. Comparative Literature Program. Maldonado-Torres, N.

Spring 2014

  • Readings in Modern Latin America. History. López, K.

Spring 2013

  • Archipelagic American Studies: Literature and Visual Culture. English. Stephens, M.
  • Debates in Comparative Caribbean Studies: Beyond Creolization and Mulataje. Comparative Literature, Martinez-San Miguel, Y.

Fall 2012

  • Caribbean Theorizing: Coloniality, Philosophy and Literature. Comparative Literature. Madonado Torres, N.
  • Space, Place, and Community. Sociology. Dinzey-Flores, Z. & Friedman, J.
  • The Natural History of American Literatue, English. Iannini, C.
  • Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Sovereignty. Anthropology. Bonilla, Y.

Spring 2012

  • ‘L’Urgence de dire’: 20th and 21st-Century Testimonial Narratives. French. Larrier, R.

Fall 2011

  • Postcolonial Readings of Colonialism in America. Comparative Literature. Martinez- San Miguel, Y.
  • Race and Psychoanalysis: the Flesh Beneath the Skin. English. Stephens, M.

Spring 2011

  • Sound in African American Literary and Cultural Practice. English. Mathes, C.