Yveline Alexis

Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Comparative American Studies at Oberlin College and Conservatory
Previously a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow in Africana Studies at Rutgers University
History of the Caribbean, the Americas, and African Diaspora;
resistance, Agency, and Political Acts; memory Studies and oral history of silenced and ignored minority groups

Jessica Swanston Baker

Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Chicago
Previously a postdoctoral fellow in Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University
Tempo and aesthetics, coloniality, decolonization, and race/gender and respectability.

Margarita M. Castromán Soto

Assistant Professor in English
Rice University
20/21C African American, Latinx, and Caribbean Literature; archive theory, digital culture, and critical race studies

Ronald Cummings

Associate Professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University
Previously a Postdoctoral Researcher in Critical Caribbean Studies and Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University
Caribbean Literature, Marronage, Race, Queerness, Citizenship and Sovereignty

Tania del Mar López Marrero

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Coastal Studies, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Human-environment interactions, natural hazard’s vulnerability and adaptive capacity, community resilience, ecosystems services, Caribbean, mixed methods, participatory research techniques, cartography

Carlos Fernández

Director of The Center for Latino Arts and Culture
popular religious practice, performance, festival, traditional and popular music, poetics and politics of song and revolutionary movements in Central America and the Caribbean

Yomaira Figueroa

Associate Professor in Literary Studies; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Race and Ethnic Studies; Global and Diasporic Studies
Michigan State University

Marlene Gaynair

Assistant Professor of Department of History
Washington State University
20th century, cultural history, social history, digital history, immigration, citizenship, identity formation, diasporas, Black Atlantic, urban history

Krystal Nandini Ghisyawan

Independent Scholar
Previously a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University
Female same-sex desire, Gender and sexuality in Hinduism, "Queer" politics and activism, Globalisation of sexuality, Identity formation

Laurie Lambert

Associate Professor at Fordham University
Previously a Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher in Critical Caribbean Studies and Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies
Caribbean Revolution and Black Radicalism, African Diasporic Literature and Cultural History, Literatures of U.S. Empire, Postcolonial Theory, Political Trauma

Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel

Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Marta S. Weeks Chair in Latin American Studies
University of Miami
Comparative Archipelago Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural Studies, Postcoloniality and Decoloniality, Diasporas

Tami Navarro

Assistant Professor of Pan-African Studies at Drew University
Previously a Previously a postdoctoral fellow in Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University
Neoliberalism, Capital, Gender and Labor, Development, Identity Formation, Globalization/Transnationalism, Race/Racialization and Ethnicity, and Caribbean Studies

Julio Nazario

Assistant Dean II, coordinates Honors Colloquia, outreach, co-curricular and global programs, for the SAS Honors Program
Philosophy and has read widely in the field and earned his B.A. in Philosophy from Queens College (CUNY) and a MFA in the Visual Arts from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Larisa Pérez Flores

Visiting Scholar in CCS, Fall 2014. Graduate Students, Universidad de La Laguna (ULL)
Diaspora and transnational studies, migration and immigration, literary studies, cultural studies, black aesthetics, critical race theory, gender and sexuality studies, subaltern studies, critical feminist discourses, colonial and postcolonial studies, decoloniality, critical epistemology, social movements and revolution, insularity. Came to Rutgers to conduct research on her thesis project “West Indian Diaspora, Intersectionality and Policies of Membership. Writings and Identities in a Transnational Context.”

Tashima Thomas

Assistant Professor in Art History
Southern Methodist University
African Diaspora, Food Pathways, Blue Humanities