Welcome to the Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies

puerto rico v1The Rutgers Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies aims to foster multi-disciplinary research about the Caribbean to allow a better understanding of the region and its people from a variety of perspectives. Affiliates conduct research on such diverse areas as diaspora and transnational studies, migration and immigration, literary, visual, sound and performance studies, cultural studies, black aesthetics, critical race theory, gender and sexuality studies, psychoanalysis, black Marxism, black internationalism, subaltern studies, critical feminist discourses, colonial and postcolonial studies, decoloniality, development and political economy, political theory, critical epistemology, intellectual history, history of New World slavery, social movements and revolution, eighteenth century studies, the urban Atlantic, contemporary urbanization, environmental studies, insularity, and the archipelagic Americas.

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Aesthetics, Poetics and Politics

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Archipelagic Studies and Creolization

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Critical Caribbean Studies, Theory, and the Disciplines

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